Real World Bulawayo

This is where we’re headed.

I grew up watching The Real World. Long before reality television took over the networks MTV kind of invented a new kind of genre. They put 10 strangers in a house together, brought in a film crew, and recorded what happened.

As our team met tonight at the airport, then dinner, then the hotel… it felt a little like the first episode of every season of The Real World. Strangers met for the first time, shared a little about life, and made small talk.

But, just like the TV show, things are about to get very real. 

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10 Things I’m Looking Forward to about My Trip to Zimbabwe

Entering Zimbabwe

In just two days I leave on a 10-day trip to Zimbabwe with World Vision’s 30 Hour Famine and a grip of youth workers. As you can imagine I’m a wild mix of preparation, wrapping up projects, enjoying the final day of the kids Christmas break, and a variety of lists. (Yes. This post was on my list.)

Here are 10 things I’m looking forward to about the Zimbabwe Trip

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Going to Zimbabwe this January

Off to Zimbabwe this JanuaryOn January 11th, I’m joining a team of youth workers on a 1-week trip to Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Wait. What? Where? Why? Zimbabwe?