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  • Stellar Day

    Yesterday was a banner day for me. I came home late last night completely exhausted but also invigorated as well. What happened? #1 Andrew Marin comes to Harbor. All throughout the fall as I got to know Andy it became more and more clear that he needed to talk to our church staff. I was […]

  • Love is an Orientation

    I’ve been so impressed with Andrew Marin and his work to help bridge the church to the homosexual community. Check out Andy’s promo video. If you want to buy his book, you can join me in pre-ordering it from Amazon.

  • The Chicago Edition

    Each week I have fun shooting the podcast. But this particular episode was special because we had the opportunity to do a Chicago special. The concept of a Chicago special really didn’t come to me until Cathy and I got off the plane in Chicago. We had Andrew Marin booked to do the devotional and […]

  • NYWC Sacramento Post Thoughts

    Let’s see. I am home from my first NYWC as a staff member. Looking back over the weekend I have a lot of things floating around my head. Here are some quick reflections. #1 People are people. This isn’t profound to me but I kept getting asked, “What is _____ like?” I don’t know a […]

  • Talking about homosexuality in the church

    Homosexuality is one of the 1000 pound gorillas of today’s evangelical church. In other words there are a lot of people either struggling with gender preference themselves or someone they love is. And the churches silence on this issue has lead to a ton of people feeling like they cannot connect to God. Into that […]