3 Tips for Dealing with Ministry Frustration

I have several friends for who have used the word “frustrated” in response to the question, “How are things going in your ministry?” Why Am I Frustrated? If your ministry is a job, you will be frustrated for a few reasons. God promises in Genesis 3 that our work will be frustrated as a result…… Continue reading 3 Tips for Dealing with Ministry Frustration

The upside of fear

Stupid spreadsheet. Typically, I’m a pretty positive– upbeat — and self-confident person. I’m told I’m overly optimistic by my friends. But the past few weeks have brought about unfamiliar emotions. Negativity, melancholy, and anxiety.  And since these are unfamiliar emotions I haven’t quite known how to respond. In situations where I’m typically chipper I’ve been…… Continue reading The upside of fear

Philippians 4 and our Anxious Mind

The mind is a funny thing. Years ago I memorized Philippians 4 as part of my devotional time. For me, I find Bible memory a great way to focus my sometimes unfocusable mind. And I find that I live out Scripture better when it is embedded in my head as opposed to plucked from a…… Continue reading Philippians 4 and our Anxious Mind

Anxiety in Youth Ministry

Over the past several days I’ve started to put words to what I’ve been observing: The tribe of youth ministry is anxious. 2009 has been a ridiculously hard year. Last October when Tony Campolo spoke in Sacramento he said something like… “Church, as we know it today, will collapse with the economy. And we will…… Continue reading Anxiety in Youth Ministry