3 Tips for Dealing with Ministry Frustration

I have several friends for who have used the word “frustrated” in response to the question, “How are things going in your ministry?” Why Am I Frustrated? If your ministry is a job, you will be frustrated for a few reasons. God promises in Genesis 3 that our work will be frustrated as a result…… Continue reading 3 Tips for Dealing with Ministry Frustration

The upside of fear

Stupid spreadsheet. Typically, I’m a pretty positive– upbeat — and self-confident person. I’m told I’m overly optimistic by my friends. But the past few weeks have brought about unfamiliar emotions. Negativity, melancholy, and anxiety.  And since these are unfamiliar emotions I haven’t quite known how to respond. In situations where I’m typically chipper I’ve been…… Continue reading The upside of fear

Philippians 4 and our Anxious Mind

The mind is a funny thing. Years ago I memorized Philippians 4 as part of my devotional time. For me, I find Bible memory a great way to focus my sometimes unfocusable mind. And I find that I live out Scripture better when it is embedded in my head as opposed to plucked from a…… Continue reading Philippians 4 and our Anxious Mind