Kristen is Blogging Again

Yup, Kristen has got her blog going again. I know she plans on talking more about our families shift to an organic lifestyle, gardening, shell hunting, and fun stuff for our kids. Kristen was a pretty successful mom-blogger when that fad was hot. She got burnt out with all the free product people sent us…… Continue reading Kristen is Blogging Again

Youth Ministry as Life Ministry

A few years ago I was talking to a senior pastor about youth ministry. In a moment of honesty he said something like this. “I don’t get it. Tell me why you want to work with high school students your whole life. You’re qualified to be a senior pastor. You have all the qualities people…… Continue reading Youth Ministry as Life Ministry

The $500 cat toy I’m an Apple addict who hasn’t fully appreciated the iPad. Now I finally get it. It’s Apple’s play into the pet owners market.