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  • Bono is the man

    And the moral of the story is…. ht to Ed Noble

  • The cry of the people

    [Please press play] I love this song. And I love how Bono performed it on this tour. He kicked it off and let the audience do the first verse and chorus. An amazing moment in the show. One reason I think this song is so powerful, particularly performed live, is that as the audience sing […]

  • Recapping the U2 Show

    Amazing? Too cool at the U2 show, originally uploaded by mclanea. How do I recap the U2 show? It’s an beyond description. Here are some thoughts from the trip, in no particular order. It was well-timed. A week before my trip to Cincinnati for NYWC and with all the stuff stirring at work, a day […]

  • U2 on YouTube

    Today, Kristen and I are driving to Phoenix to see the U2 360 Tour. I have a figurative bucket list and this was on it. My brain has been mush lately so I am greatly looking forward to driving 5 hours across the desert to lose my voice screaming lyrics with Bono. Just for good […]