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  • Are they tired of your narrative?

    Most individuals, organizations, and companies underperform to their potential. Others miraculously live up to or exceed their potential. Why? Each tells a story every day and validates it with their actions. Their audience either likes that story (and repeats it) or they don’t. Take the example of Wal-Mart. Here’s their mission statement: “Wal-Mart’s mission is […]

  • The new signs are here!

    I can’t even say how long we’ve worked on this. We started talking about new signs for the church about a year ago. And I think we went through 40-50 revisions. So, here is what one side looks like. Best part, within 2 hours of them being installed I already received a phone call asking […]

  • Interior Signs are Here

    This is something someone like me gets excited about. We ordered new interior signs for the church building… and they are here! The pictures here are from my phone so the quality doesn’t do them any justice. But when we get them mounted it’s going to look smoking cool. The big one of the left […]