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  • You can’t do communion alone

    When I was in middle and high school I spent a lot of time home alone. My mom worked crazy hours and my older brother joined the Air Force when I was in 8th grade. A million nights home alone will lead you past boredom. While I always kept the TV on so I didn’t […]

  • Left alone, you are weird

    Our society celebrates the lone wolf. We have a unique ability to pin the success or failure of a group effort on an individual. Drew Brees led his team to a win. All Stephen Spielberg films are brilliant. Thomas Edison invented thousands of things. Barak Obama is the most powerful leader in the world. Bill […]

  • Desert Man Trip

    I’ve been around a few types of “manly men” in my lifetime. Dude’s who hang out at country clubs, play sophisticated sports, and have sophisticated tastes. Dude’s who smoke big cigars, enjoy fine beverages, and gamble big bucks. (Either gambling or on business deals) Dude’s who shot guns, kill things, and could live for months […]

  • The Community – Individual Continuum

    Theologically, we all know that you can’t experience the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus without community. Jesus invites us not to merely partake in communion but to live in communion with one another. (A throwback to the Garden of Eden) Sociologically, we live in society built around the individual. We live in single family […]