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  • The Volunteer

    I’m a big fan of this video. I think it turned out great. And I think its a great compliment to the first one we released a couple weeks back. The most loudest people in youth ministry tend to be the people who do it as a profession. But I think we’d all agree that […]

  • Slow motion fun

    I think we’ve all had this moment. I love the relationship between the youth pastor, the students, and the senior pastor. If you had a day to play with a sweet slow motion camera, what would you shoot?

  • Congrats to Tim & Sara

    A few weeks ago Sara and Tim got married. They have a pretty cool story, I hope I don’t get in too much trouble for sharing the little snippets that I know. I met Sara last October in Pittsburgh for the National Youth Workers Convention. I was walking around looking for people to interview for […]

  • Headed to Cincy!

    Thursday morning I head out to the beautiful state of Ohio for the second NYWC of 2009. After a year’s worth of planning, preparation, and trying to get people to come– I am beside myself ready to get on site and do my job! The Midwest version of NYWC is always my highlight as “these […]