Mini-Helicopters are Coming to a Nightmare Near You

[see the video]

First thought? Wow,  that is so flipping cool!

Second thought? I’m going to have nightmares about them.

Third thought? Alfred Hitchcock.

Fourth thought? How much?

Fifth thought? They need cameras like this.

Video Clip

Invisible Bottle Trick

This is a fun little visual gag. Could be fun to try.

family Photo

Behold, the Faux Hawk!


It’s kind of crazy but my kindergartner wants to be the cool kid in his class. A big part of that has been a fascination with having cool hair. (We do live in Southern California, you know.)

For the last few weeks Paul didn’t want to go to school because “the kids won’t like me.” Of course, that’s not true because as soon as you drop him off he has 4-5 kids who want to play with him and they just start running around the playground like laughing hyenas.

Then a couple days ago the light bulb went off when Kristen discovered Paul was trying to use my deodorant as hair gel. What he meant by “the kids won’t like me” was that there was another boy who had cool hair and since he didn’t have cool hair he didn’t feel like anyone like him. More light bulbs went off as we realize how much time he’d spent in the bathroom, and that he’d always been playing with the soap gel. Our 5 year old wanted some product for his hair.

So last night Paul and mom made a trip to the store and acquired some hair gel. This morning I showed him how to use it. Instant coolness erupted in our house. Paul was ready for school 15 minutes early and was ready to race up the hill again to school.

Problem solved. Or problem created? We shall see.