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  • The problem with “We do our own thing”

    The problem with “We do our own thing”

    Maybe it’s just because we’re now publishing curriculum? Or maybe it’s because after 4-5 years of trying I realized that buying curriculum is better than trying to do everything myself? But as I’m out, talking to youth workers, I hear a phrase over and over again when I ask about what they are teaching. “We […]

  • Youth Worker Journal review of Good News in the Neighborhood

    Jon and I have gotten some very nice feedback on our curriculum, Good News in the Neighborhood. But none quite as big as the one in this months edition of Youth Worker Journal.  Often, conversations about introducing our communities to Christ are centered on program development or planning the perfect event. Yet what Adam McLane […]

  • Good News curriculum video shoot

    Yesterday, Jon and I spent the vast majority of our day shooting the 6 fictional stories that go along with each lesson in our forthcoming Good News in the Neighborhood curriculum. Seeing some of the big picture pieces come together in this project has been amazing. Doing the video segments actually brought new life into […]

  • It’s Here! Good News in the Neighborhood Curriculum

    Big news! Jon Huckins and I have been working on this curriculum for youth groups and young adults for several months. I’m excited to tell you that it’ll be out on April 2nd, 2012. Woohoo! If you buy it before it comes out… you’ll get it on April 2nd AND you’ll save $15. Here’s the […]