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  • Romeo Elves: Paint the Rock

  • Elf HQ

    Jimmy and I are off to shoot 2 more elf videos for services this weekend. If we have time there will even be some bonus commercials available online only. The whole point of these is two fold… Enjoy them! Seeing church staff dressed like elves should be fun. Share them! The reason we’re doing all […]

  • First Two Elf Videos

    This is for today’s service at Romeo And this is for Married Life this coming weekend All told, I have 5 original videos in today’s service. I think that’s a record.

  • The Elves Are Coming

    Apparently the people of Romeo have never seen grown men dressed like elves before. Until today. As Jimmy and I were stopping to take pictures and waving in their cars and generally enjoying the sight. I have to say Jimmy looked pretty good as an elf. Let’s just say I have a lot of junk […]