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  • Economy of Words

    Good communicators are aware of an economy of words. Whether its blogging or public speaking or preaching– you must have a constant awareness of how many words your audience is capable of processing in the amount of space/time you have. Too many words and people get overloaded and tune you out. (or navigate to another […]

  • 5 Ways to Make Soccer More Exciting for Television

    Yada. Yada. Yada. There are those who think that soccer is an amazing game for watching on television. But for the other 95.7% of Americans I have five ideas for making it more palatable to the American market. Make goals worth 7 points. We get that. A game that ends in 1-0 seems pointless. But […]

  • The Dark Side of Attractional Ministry

    The dark side of attractional ministry is that it’s a short term strategy. True confession– I was a perveyor of an attractional ministry model. It never permeated any youth group that I’ve been a part of, but the structure of our last ministry was– at it’s very core– an attractional model within our two biggest […]