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  • Congrats to Tim & Sara

    A few weeks ago Sara and Tim got married. They have a pretty cool story, I hope I don’t get in too much trouble for sharing the little snippets that I know. I met Sara last October in Pittsburgh for the National Youth Workers Convention. I was walking around looking for people to interview for […]

  • Themes from NYWC

    I had a great weekend in Cincinnati. I had lots of time to connect with old friends, meet tons of new people, and got into a multitude of deep conversations about life, work, ministry, and family. Over and over again themes came into conversation. These weren’t things I brought up… it just seemed like everything […]

  • Remember what it was like when this was fun?

    I absolutely loved what Francis Chan said in LA a couple weeks ago. (about :43 into this video) He reminded us- me- youth workers… to stop taking ourselves so seriously, find a way to laugh again, remind yourself that you’re just a stupid kid, mistakes aren’t that big of a deal, we all went into […]

  • Thoughts on Disney on Ice Princess Classics

    Last night, our family went to go see the Disney on Ice show. It was great family fun. I remember when I was a kid wanting to go, the kid across the street always getting to go, but being disappointed that I never got to go. So I was a little surprised when Paul said […]

  • Cool Optical Illusion

    See more of these at Illusion Sciences HT to Cory

  • Rounding 3rd

    A few years ago I was on the church softball team. Being a church league for adults it was mostly filled with people who used to be able to play well, but time and a few extra pounds had lowered their skill level down a lot lower than their imaginations thought they were. In other […]

  • Stellar Day

    Yesterday was a banner day for me. I came home late last night completely exhausted but also invigorated as well. What happened? #1 Andrew Marin comes to Harbor. All throughout the fall as I got to know Andy it became more and more clear that he needed to talk to our church staff. I was […]

  • Sling Shot Man

    Based on the age of the video I kind of doubt this old timer is still around. But if you were a kid with a sling shot like me as a kid, you know just how good this guy is.

  • Travel Day

    It’s after breakfast in Romeo and I’m wide awake here in San Diego. (4:00 am) The last 24 hours have been a blur as I commuted about 3000 miles to work yesterday. (Going home Friday) Besides the travel I did get some stuff done yesterday and I’m looking forward to getting more settled today. The […]