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  • Forgetful

    I’m forgetful. I hope people find it endearing. Who am I kidding? It’s annoying. I never know where my keys are. I say at least 10 times a day, “Where’s my phone?” I can be so absentminded that I miss appointments, only to discover them when the person I’ve stood up calls me. That leads me […]

  • Digging out and shaking off

    Digging through paperwork and trying to find missing reciepts for tax time exposed that there was one big area of my life that I had just ignored for 6-7 months: The move’s impact on our finances. We did fine through the move. We’re doing fine now. And like I’ve mentioned before, we’re taking all the […]

  • Web people

    This is what I’ve learned in my years as a Web dude. People either see you as a genius or an idiot. There isn’t much middle ground. And often in conversation, you can tell the people you’re talking to are thinking you are both an idiot and a genius at the same time.