Shameless self-promotion

Immerse Journal Interview

Immerse Journal just published an interview I did last November about my article on Open Source Theology.

Aaron Mitchum did a great job asking me hard questions, drilling into some of my assumptions, and pushing back a bit about some of the articles claims.

Here are 3 reasons it’s worth your 21 minutes. 

  1. I was sooo tired. It was Sunday afternoon at NYWC, I’d taught 5 times and been in meeting after meeting since Thursday. So enjoy the first couple minutes as I struggle to sound coherent. Stick with it, it gets better. But feel free to laugh at me.
  2. Aaron threads the narrative together. Each day on my blog I write about 500 words. That’s not enough to string it all together with what I’m really all about. This interview goes back and examines what lead to what I’m writing today, digs into my Christology a bit, and gives context to a lot of what I’m doing today. 
  3. There are some great zingers in there. (This whole post is shameless self-promotion, so why not tease you with that?) But I just listened to this thing and I have to tell you the filter was off! There are a few spots where I was like– uh, did I really say that out loud!

Here’s the link.

Blog Highlight

3 Recent Writing Projects

  • I’m a regular contributor at Slant 33. Here’s my latest post on knowing when to leave your current ministry position. I’m turning in one today on social media boundaries.
  • On Thursday, Relevant Magazine published a recent post of mine called, “What to do when you fail.” It was fun to see my work on their front page. I love that post and I hope it gives some people going through hard times some hope.
  • I wrote the theology piece for the November/December issue of Immerse Journal. The article is called, “Open-Source Theology: Re-embracing the priesthood of all believers to become Good News in the Neighborhood.” This article takes the time to unpack and provide theological context for some of my more popular blog posts. I’m super excited about this article.