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  • Seven iOS 7 Hacks for Parents

    According to the Washington Post, Apple sold 9 million iPhone devices over the weekend. We even jumped in on the fun by getting Megan (12) her very first phone. Last week, Apple introduced iOS 7, a brand new operating system for every iPhone, iPad, and some iPods. Meanwhile, also last week Blackberry fired half it’s […]

  • 14 Must-Have Gadgets for the Geek in Your Life

    ATTENTION GOOGLERS! Here’s a link to my 2012 list Let’s face it. For many of my readers I am the geek in their life. I’m the nerdy friend you tell your IT guy about when you don’t know what else to talk about because you want to talk about the latest political news about Herman […]

  • POLL: Are you willing to pay to read news online?

    From subscription to free to subscription and back Quietly, newspapers are starting to charge online visitors subscription fees for full access to their sites. In just a few days, The New York Times, will noticeably switch from a free system to a 3-tiered pay system. I believe The New York Times Company, like Rupert Murdoch […]

  • The $500 cat toy

    I’m an Apple addict who hasn’t fully appreciated the iPad. Now I finally get it. It’s Apple’s play into the pet owners market.