Pushing Back to Find Sanity in Christ

Closing in on a year as “just a family in the pews” I have learned a ton about myself, my walk with Jesus, and what it’s like to be on the other end of church life. Having spent my entire adult life on the church leadership end of things I would often say, “I don’t…… Continue reading Pushing Back to Find Sanity in Christ

One-Two Punch of Leaders

I’ve been thinking about leadership a lot lately as I reflect on the type of leader that I tend to follow. More to the point, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the type of leader I aspire to be. Let’s start with what I hate. I hate the Donald Trump-type of leader.The ego driven…… Continue reading One-Two Punch of Leaders

Two Kinds of Medium Sized Church People

Here are some more thoughts on the medium-sized church crisis. My post the other day attracted a fair amount of comments and attention… and I was pretty frustrated that people jump to the issue of money. I only think that the money problems of current are bringing the Medium-sized church crisis to the forefront. At…… Continue reading Two Kinds of Medium Sized Church People

Planning for Entropy

A key component to the second law of thermodynamics is entropy. Entropy is the scientific principle that all systems will eventually go from order to disorder. Entropy allows mathematics to explain dissipation within a system boundary. In the first law of thermodynamics, energy is never lost in a macrosystem. But in a microsystem, entropy explains…… Continue reading Planning for Entropy

You Matter to Your Schools

This was just posted over at Youth Ministry Exchange. Here’s an excerpt: Here’s a thought that will blow your mind. The God of the Universe chose you to help him build the church in your town. Here’s another thought to give you some perspective. The God of the Universe has an enemy, Satan, whose deepest…… Continue reading You Matter to Your Schools