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  • Moments of Awe

    Awesome is one of my favorite words. While my day is full of moments of awesome there are only a few moments in life described by the word awe. Here’s a few… Hearing the words, “I’m pregnant” from your wife. (Trust me, as much “awe” is created the first time at 24 as at 34 […]

  • 5 Things I Love about Mailchimp

    I’ve been a Mailchimp customer since July 2007. And unlike most web apps, my love for them is growing over time! I joined them because I loved their user interface and fun loving attitude. Here are 5 quick things I love about Mailchimp. Easter Eggs. Today was the perfect example. The picture above is their […]

  • Post-it Love

  • So Long American Idol Season 8

    I watched most of the American Idol audition shows this year. I love the auditions! And I gave Hollywood Week a shot… and it was fun. But after last nights show, I’m out. I’ll come back in a few weeks when the quality of musicians starts to shine through. It’s one thing to have the […]