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  • Megan is a reader

    Megan having fun Originally uploaded by mclanea My oldest daughter, Megan, is just like her mommy. Besides being endlessly sassy, sarcastic, and competitive… Megan is a hard core learner. Her latest weakness is reading long chapter books. We will send her to bed at 8:30, but she’ll stay up super late enraptured by her latest…

  • Travels With Stoney: Day Four

  • Travels With Stoney: Day Three

    Today is the last day of “big driving” as we have about 500 miles to get to Las Vegas. We’ll stay the night with my mom and then be off to San Diego early Thursday morning.

  • Travels with Stoney: Day Two

    This takes us from Southern Illinois to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Much more to come!

  • Travels With Stoney: The Megan Song

  • Travels with Stoney: The Prelude

    The trip begins in just two hours. Everyone is still asleep at my in-laws house but I’m wide awake. Go figure. There are a couple pre-trip things I thought were worth mentioning. #1 Travels with Charlie. If you’ve never read the Steinbeck book which this trip is named after you should check it out. Travels…

  • Travels with Stoney: Blog Poll

    Megan and I are very actively planning our our trip. We’re still looking for a place to say in the greater Albuquerque area. We’ve also determined that we’ll be stopping at the memorial of the Oklahoma City bombings. Check out our trip and feel free to suggest a stop for us. One thing that is…

  • Happy Birthday Megan

    It’s hard to believe but my oldest child turns 7 today. Six was a good year to her. She has finished most of first grade. She is learning like crazy. She just got baptized. She has a lot of friends. She is in love with Webkinz. Megan loves animals, especially her cat Lovely. While Lovely…