Things are looking up

It may not look like it yet where you live, but there are signs of life in America that things are looking better. As the chart above shows- stocks have been rebounding for basically 12 months. The unemployment rate, while still horribly high, has begun to turn… following the comeback of Wall Street. As church…… Continue reading Things are looking up

The money crunch

We’re having a crunch month. It seems like during every calendar year there is one time when the vacuum cleaner has been attached to our accounts and we suddenly find ourselves going from “feeling comfortable” to “How much do they give for blood these days?” That’s about how things are for our family right now.…… Continue reading The money crunch

3 Musketeers of Church Staff

There’s a lot of smack talk about church staffing these days. Senior pastors rightfully elevate the role of various staff members and do their best to put all staff on the same “level” as themselves in people’s eyes. There are even a few places where church leaders will acknowledge that the childrens ministry professional, youth…… Continue reading 3 Musketeers of Church Staff

3 Positive Effects of Recession on the Church

Nearly every day I encounter someone who tells me their churches budget was cut, people at their church are about to lose their jobs, or otherwise their church is encountering hard financial times. That’s not purely a bad thing. Here are three positive things that a lack of money bring to a church. 1. A…… Continue reading 3 Positive Effects of Recession on the Church

When the lowest common denominator matters

I often live in a lofty world of ideals, philosophy, whimsy, and sweeping generalizations. Phrases like “vision drives decision” and “you need to find a place where your dreams, skills, and income converge” all sound well and good. People like those phrases. They share them on Facebook and Twitter. They quote them in blogs posts.…… Continue reading When the lowest common denominator matters

Getting Started in Investing, part 3

“Hey honey, are you spending more money at the grocery store or something?” This was something I found myself saying to Kristen over and over again in our tenure in youth ministry. With a growing family it just seemed like every month we made a little less money. We had a budget. We did our…… Continue reading Getting Started in Investing, part 3