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  • The gradual transformation of evangelical eschatology

    Those raised in evangelicalism were taught to believe that the world will only get worse until the Lord returns. Culture degrades, morality¬†disintegrates, and the world falls apart to the point that only Jesus can rescue us from certain self-destruction. Listen to almost any traditional evangelical voice and you’ll hear this language peppered in. Things are […]

  • A birthday fact

    June 2nd is my birthday. I’m not a huge “happy birthday” kind of guy, but I thought since I am starting a new job on my birthday it would be timely to share a fun fact about me.¬† Pretty much every job of my adult life has been started within a day of my birthday.¬† […]

  • Disagreeing with the Alma Mater

    Do you ever have times when you look at your college and you go, “What are they thinking?” That’s how I feel about my alma mater, Moody Bible Institute lately. Actually, I don’t have a single problem with the education they are providing. The longer I’ve been away from MBI the more I’ve appreciated their […]