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  • Seize the Moment

    As I watched this short film I couldn’t help but think of this phrase: Seize the moment. Andrew Clancy took his camera everywhere he went in New York for a year and captured the things going on around him. The result? A beautiful tapestry celebrating his year. Memorable moments of beauty happen every day of…

  • An example of Good News to a public school

    A while ago I wrote a blog post called, 10 Ways Your Church can be Good News to Public Schools. Here’s one church doing just that. Amazing. Check out more like it at 20/20 Vision for schools. Imagine what could happen if your church got together and said, “How could we be Good News to…

  • Empire State of Mind

    This song makes me smile. I’ll be hood forever.

  • Megan’s New Skills

    It’s been a big summer for Megan. At eight years old she has visited 19 of the 50 states. (By her age I think I had been to 3 states.) She got to go to Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., New York City, and Philadelphia this summer. Since she is my road trip girl she took…

  • NYC Pictures | Day One