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  • 4 Tips for YouTube You Can Use

    YouTube You Can Use is a free weekly youth ministry resource I publish every Monday at The Youth Cartel. It includes a link to a YouTube video as well as a discussion starter, some related Bible verses, 3 ice breaker questions, and a thought question I call wrestle with this. To give you some behind […]

  • Some Tatango Love

    I’ve got a thing for companies that make youth workers look good. That’s why I’ve been so excited about Tatango. I shameless plug their service… it is just that good. Some people have asked me if I’m getting a kickback for referalls to them, not at all. I plug it because it’s a great service. […]

  • Hope for Me Yet from Married Life

    I just featured this in the brand new weekly newsletter we’re sending out here at the church, and I want to share it with my readers since I know many of you are not yet on our e-mail list. This is our worship leader, Jimmy Savage, performing at our Married Life event last weekend. Feel […]