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  • How to Disembark from the S.S. Fantasia

    Delay is the deadliest form of denial. ~ C. Northcote Parkinson Have you ever talked to someone and wondered… is this person living on the same planet that I am? This is a bizarre cultural phenomenon all too common among church leaders. Their day-to-day life, ministry, and sadly ministry aspirations are not based on reality […]

  • You need to get out more

    “Leaders are learners.” We’ve all heard this. And most people I know in youth ministry are very well read. They read a lot of books and attend a lot of training stuff. But I also think one reason people can’t think outside of the box to solve problems is that their context is so tiny. […]

  • iPhone, Your New Cigarettes

    The parallels between the iPhone in 2011 and cigarettes in the 1950s, 60s, 70s, and 80s are stunning. It’s iconic. It’s celebrated as the cool thing. It’s a status symbol. It’s celebrated in the media. It’s manufacturer is getting rich. There are cheap imitations. (Sorry Android users) It’s addicting, but not viewed as a serious […]

  • Infantilization and deinfantilization of adolescence, part 1

    In the last year I read and was deeply disturbed by the book, Teen 2.0. If you are going to read a book in 2011, make it that one. It shook me. One of the primary things that Epstein brought up in the book and has dramatically impacted my view of youth ministry is the […]

  • Observing vs. Engaging at Church

    I first made this discovery at work but then noticed it in my own life. As you can imagine, I’m a little schizophrenic at the National Youth Workers Convention. I hold several different roles simultaneously, which keeps me constantly moving and shifting from one role to another. And during our general session– I’m all over […]

  • Unleash the Power of Observation

    Life is full of surprises. Unexpected things happen. People do funny stuff. But you’ll never notice the good stuff until you train your eye to look for it. Every week I see something that completely blows my mind. Sometimes its hilarity. Sometimes its tragedy. Sometimes its awkward. Sometimes its a persons moment of accomplishment. And […]