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4 Things to Do With a Legit Opportunity

Let’s face it, success is about being opportunistic.

Here’s my simple outlook on opportunities. I’m thankful that I’ve made more right steps than wrong ones so far. But having the right outlook on the various ideas I’m presented with makes a huge difference.

  1. Pause to ask questions, hard ones. If you don’t ask how something will help you no one else will.
  2. Think about how you want to tie it in. You know what they say… if you don’t have a defined target you’ll miss it every time.
  3. Be audaciously bold. Wimps need not be opportunist. Go after things, with gusto!
  4. Go. Sitting on the sidelines will never get you anywhere. Nor will being shy or nervous about failure. Jump first, ask for forgiveness later.
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Strategic Excuses

Strategic excuses – The excuse you come up with that makes some strategic sense, but you really want to do because it’s awesome.

– A speaking gig in Hawaii, Vail, or the Florida Keys rolls in. Hey, those kids need Jesus, too.
– My church won’t give me time away for continued education, so I’m going to time a pregnancy so that I can attend a conference on my maternity leave.
– We host an annual youth group end-of-year bash, so I need to put in a deck and buy a massive grill. The hot tub is really for building community.
– I want my kids to have their friends over all-the -time, so we built a 3 story tree house. Sure, we bought my next door neighbors house for the tree and leveled their home, but we got a good deal and now my kids don’t have to go anywhere.

There’s nothing wrong with a strategic excuse. (Well, OK… Maybe some are a smudge selfish) In fact, I think 90% of the people who complain about the strategic excuses their friends have– do so because they haven’t figured out how to make it happen.