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My life in photo

Amazing the digital footprint we leave, isn’t it?

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hmm... thoughts

Finding stuff, missing stuff

lost thingsIt seems like every time we move there are a couple items that you find that you think you lost and visa versa. And the one or two things you lose drive you nuts that you’ve lost them.

For this move the main thing we can’t find is our SD card reader. It’s really not a big deal and it’s only a $5 item to lose, but it’s driving us crazy that we’ve somehow misplaced it. Both Kristen and I know that as soon as we replace it with a new one we’ll find the old one.

Paul told me yesterday that the main thing he misses from our old house is our couch. When I asked him why he said, “Because I could jump on it. And the new one isn’t comfortable to lay down on.”

Now that I think about it we’ve not found anything we were missing while in Romeo. It’s more like we keep finding things and thinking “where in the world is this going to go?