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  • Gift Cards at Planned Parenthood?

    I’m no prude, but this is just plain odd. You can now buy gift certificates for Planned Parenthood. The intention is to use them for birth control, STD screenings, and other typical health care provided by Planned Parenthood. While not the intention you can indeed use them for abortions. Talk about a weird gift in […]

  • Mike Wallace interviews Margaret Sanger

    Recently, the University of Texas in Austin released a video collection of interviews between Mike Wallace and various people during the late 1950s. These are truly fascinating to watch! But I wanted to point you to an interview he did with Planned Parenthood founder, Margaret Sanger. You may remember I spoke about her a few […]

  • Is Planned Parenthood Racist?

    There is a lot of talk about a Presidential candidate and whether or not his pastor is a racist and if that makes the candidate a racist. Accepting money and support from extreme groups is very complicated. At the core of the problem is that it seemingly associates candidates with everything that group stands for. […]