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  • Powerless

    Breathing heavy and full of¬†adrenaline¬†I stood up from the knee deep waves among the kids and did a 180. With a massive smile I began the long push through the surf back to my fellow bobbing boogie boarders. It was a Sunday afternoon at Torrey Pines. One of my favorite beaches doing one of my […]

  • Hype

    Here’s a little lesson on hype for all my wanna-be self-promoter friends. If you hype something you’ve got a vested interest in it’ll come off as fake. If someone else hypes it for you, even if you lose some level of control, it’ll go a lot better. Three examples: I follow hundreds of pastors on […]

  • Why Did Jesus Come to Earth?

    Here’s my notes from the youth group talk tonight. Feel free to use them however you’d like. Title: Why Did Jesus Come to Earth? Passage: John 1 [download id=”3″]

  • The Power of Fear

    Up until fourth grade I lived in the city of South Bend on one of those quintessential small town streets where everyone knew everyone, kids played outside until the street lights came on, we all played at one anothers house, and we were all one happy family. Summer was all about riding bikes, fireworks, BBQs, […]