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  • Power

    I am filled with joy while watching the Inauguration. It is a memorable moment I’m happy to share with my kids. It is a celebration of a three part system of government. The executive system is sworn into office by the judicial system on the steps of the representative system. The distribution of power is […]

  • Will Obama Change His Mind Often?

    With just under 2 weeks until Barack Obama is sworn in as president you can kind of feel the excitement in the air flowing from Washington. Every news anchor now lets their tongue slide across the words, “President-elect Obama” as if they’ve been practicing it their whole lives. I can’t hear them say it and […]

  • Michael Phelps & John Edwards

    The last two news cycles have documented two men in quest of their respective dreams. One man failed while the other conquered. Let’s face it though, both were nearly insurmountable dreams. One man wanted to be the president of the United States while the other wants to change his sport forever. In my mind, there […]