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  • I play for keeps

    I keeps it real. And I play for keeps. It’s easy to be in ministry and lose sight of the big and obvious stuff. Such as, “Why the heck do I even do all of this anyway?” So much of the actual task in youth ministry feels like that of a cruise director. When you […]

  • The plot and sub-plot of every youth group meeting

    Youth group meets every Wednesday evening at 7:00 PM. And every Wednesday night at 7:00 PM a cast of characters arrives on scene. Each character is three-dimensional. And each character is coming to youth group for their own reasons. Every Wednesday there is a plot and a series of sub-plots. And it looks something like […]

  • Easter Strategery

    If church is all about reaching numbers than this is Super Bowl Week for church. If you work in a church, holy week is kind of hell week. Church staff can’t wait for Monday. (Speaking as a former church staffer!) Weeks of planning and putting together a marketing plan, an event plan, a parking plan, […]