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  • Homeless Teenagers Among Us

    [Video enclosed] The poverty rate for those under 18 will soon hit 25% in America. This video from 60 Minutes broke my heart yesterday. While riding the trolley to work I listened to the audio and wept. 16 million kids in our country are currently living below the poverty line. That’s an increase of 2 […]

  • Dealing with streakiness in the creative process

    I’m finishing my seventh year of daily blogging on May 25th. Over the past 2,555 days I’ve written 3,523 posts or about 2,000,000 words. Nearly every day over the past 2,555 days I have sat down at my computer and written something that was worth my time in the moment. Streaks So what has changed since […]

  • Church Leaders Love Status Quo

    Yesterday, a friend of mine sent me a link to a blog post by John Ortberg, a very successful author and pastor in the Bay Area of California. The blog post is titled, “Stop Trying to Change the World” and is aimed at people like me and you. Ultimately, we’re not the ones in the […]