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  • Youth Worker Journal review of Good News in the Neighborhood

    Jon and I have gotten some very nice feedback on our curriculum, Good News in the Neighborhood. But none quite as big as the one in this months edition of Youth Worker Journal.¬† Often, conversations about introducing our communities to Christ are centered on program development or planning the perfect event. Yet what Adam McLane […]

  • 5 Storytelling Podcasts You’ll Love

    I love storytelling and I love podcasts. In this post I share a list of the best of the best when it comes to storytelling podcasts.

  • Catfish

    Tonight I was fortunate to see a screening of the movie Catfish with the San Diego tweetup group. (Another stellar meet-up, the organizers continue to fantastic.) The story is about a three New York friends who randomly get to know a family in the upper peninsula of Michigan via Facebook. Their relationship grows over several […]

  • Picasso Tapas in Hillcrest

    Last night Kristen and I discovered a fun little place in the Hillcrest neighborhood of San Diego called Picasso Tapas. Walking around the neighborhood we settled there purely because it was busy when nothing else was. (Little travelers tip right there.) After wiggling our way past the door we found a nice seat and settled […]

  • Mario Galaxy: The best game for the Wii

    The day after Christmas I went to my local GameStop to buy a video game. I was itching to buy Madden 2008 and was really disappointed that they didn’t have it in stock. I asked¬† the clerk, “Of the games you have in stock, which is the best?” The clerk looked at me and said, […]