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  • TSA Resistance

    Sometimes I embarrass my wife. And on our July trip to Haiti I offered her one very embarrassing moment when I refused to go through the new backscatter TSA screening machines while opting for a manual pat down instead. The TSA made the process of opting-out a hassle. While there were plenty of officers on […]

  • Wishlist item: Mega Skateboard

    Cool accident and all. But man, where can I get one of those? Here’s the apparent owner.

  • Affluence, Influence, and Activism

    The byline of this site is: Crazy enough to change the world. On Twitter I alter this slightly, my bio line says, “The sane need not apply for the position of world changer.” Both of those boil down to a basic question in my life. How do I maximize whatever leverage I can acquire to […]