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  • Helping Dan feel human

    “Can you help me with my bike? My wrist is broken!” I barely heard the question. But speaking over¬†This American Life was the voice of a man on the platform struggling to get his bicycle up the stairs and onto the trolley. With my bike pinning me against the retractable wheelchair lift on the ancient, […]

  • Rules for Public Transportation

    We are a one car household. Fortunately for us, we live in a city where you can get away with having just one car because we have a decent public transportation system. Our transportation system, San Diego Metropolitan Transit System, also has a policy that permits bikes. This allows me the daily privilege of riding […]

  • Nine Things I Love on 09.09.09

    I’m not into numerology, at all. But I’m smart enough to know that this is the only time in my lifetime the calendar will read straight nines.¬† With nine being the operative number of the day here are nine things I’m in love with. 1. Simple routines. Every day, every week basically looks the same. […]