Holy Travel Schedule Batman

This is more of a confessional post than anything else. I can feel my travel schedule getting out of control. In 2007, Kristen and I carefully managed our schedule to maximize our time together. It was fantastic spending so much one-on-one time with the love of my life. Then reality struck back. Here’s a quick…… Continue reading Holy Travel Schedule Batman

Twitter takes off in Youth Ministry

In the last two weeks Twitter has gotten extremely popular among Youth Ministry people. The two biggest Youth Ministry companies, Youth Specialties and Simply Youth Ministry put their Twitter accounts in this weeks newsletter. (YMX was ahead of them by a couple months on this one!) And it seems like every youth pastor around is…… Continue reading Twitter takes off in Youth Ministry

Simply Youth Ministry is Getting It

I consider the folks over at Simply to be my friends. I will admit that when I first started to get to know them they were a bit intimidating. But they are great folks that any youth worker should get to know. They are a couple of year’s into a competition with Youth Specialties for…… Continue reading Simply Youth Ministry is Getting It