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  • You Want Who to Do Whaaaaa-aaat?

    This morning I have the honor of teaching at Encounter, the high school ministry of Journey Community Church. I’m kicking off a series called Sea Jesus. And basically it’s stuff that Jesus has to teach us while he’s near the Sea of Galilee. Like everything else I produce that I’m at liberty to share, I’ve […]

  • Jesus Calls the Ordinary to Do the Extraordinary

    Tonight I have the fun opportunity to talk to a group of interns from our churches New Heights Project. Basically, we hire high school students from our community to a month-long leadership development internship in which they go through a couple weeks of preparation and a couple weeks of doing children’s outreach. It’s a bit […]

  • Why Did Jesus Come to Earth?

    Here’s my notes from the youth group talk tonight. Feel free to use them however you’d like. Title: Why Did Jesus Come to Earth? Passage: John 1 [download id=”3″]