Raising a Whole Kid

I had this thought yesterday and I think it’s important for educators, youth workers, and others working with teenagers to consider. https://twitter.com/mclanea/status/1206679313006940166 Occasionally, I’ll find myself in a circle of people who work with children or teenagers. And they’ll talk about the kids they work with in great detail, about personality traits, or personal history,…… Continue reading Raising a Whole Kid

Why do we cut heroes from the budget?

In light of budget cuts all over, I’ve been thinking about those most effected. In my world, youth ministry and childrens ministry seem to be the first things cut at a church. If not first, than high on the list. Maybe in your world, it’s teacher’s. Or firemen/EMT’s. Or frontline customer service people. This isn’t…… Continue reading Why do we cut heroes from the budget?