Review of Star Trek


After not seeing Star Trek, even refusing to pay attention to the trailer, I have this simple review.

Don’t see it. It  just encourages them to make more.

That is all.

Here are five movies I recommend you watching to truly understand the heart of the human soul.

The Godfather, part 2, part 3

50 First Dates

Talledega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby


Valentines Day

Love Frog WebkinzYep, it’s that day again. You know, the day of the year when men frantically run to Hallmark on their lunch hours to pick up that ultra-special card that expresses deep love in a shallow world.

Here’s a rant I posted 3 years ago today about Valentines Day.

Today is slightly more subdued. The kids are excited because we gave them the Valentine’s Limited Edition Webkinz Love Frog. His name is Valentine.

For those who are like me and do not appreciate Valentine’s Day. Just a reminder that we should take a few minutes to commemorate the massacre. Just makes me want to watch The Godfather tonight.