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3 Things Teenagers Wonder About the Adults in Their Lives

Teenagers are good at asking questions. But I’ve found they often have a hard time coming to you about things they wonder about.

More specifically, what are the things they are wondering about as it relates to the adults running their youth group that they have which they can’t quite put words to?

Here’s the three things I wrote down which could all start with the phrase… So, I’ve been wondering…:

  1. If I can’t think/process/apply what you are teaching me right now, how can I grow?
  2. If you won’t listen to me– really taking the time to get to know me– how can you help me?
  3. If I can’t be as involved as you want me to be, do I still matter to you?

How are you answering these questions with your actions?

What are things students in your life are wondering about the adults in their lives?