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  • The Power of Today

    As I sit here this morning, looking out of my window onto my street, I have a single thought: Today is powerful.  One single day could change everything. No, there’s nothing significant about this Thursday. I mean that every day is powerful. And you have one shot to get today right. Each day I have […]

  • 3 Big Questions

    I can’t decide if its the lack of sleep (ht to Jackson) that caused me to wake up asking myself these questions, if my “fasting from sleep” provided clarity on some things which brought these questions to the surface of my awareness, or if these are just really good questions that popped into my mind […]

  • Ebenezer

    This is it. Today is the day. I don’t have time for could, woulda, or shoulda. I only have time for results. I know the stats. I know the strategies. I know what it takes to get it done… it’s time to get it done. [Insert whatever analogy you need to fire yourself up] I’m […]