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  • August Garden Tour & Today’s Harvest

    A few minutes ago Kristen and I picked a ton of tomatoes, check out. 32 full-sized tomatoes and about 1.5 lbs of yellow cherries. Can’t wait for those watermelons!

  • Today’s harvest

    This is what we are getting daily in mid-July. Too bad we lost our beans earlier this summer.

  • How do you like them tomatoes?

    We are getting about 25-30 red tomatoes this size per week right now. This has Kristen making lots of bruchetta and salads and anything else with tomatoes. We love it!

  • Too much of a good thing

    One thing we are learning as new gardeners is that you have to time a crop so that all of your fruit doesn’t ripen at the same time. Right now, we’re sick of yellow cherry tomatoes and summer squash. You know you have too much of a good thing when your children won’t pick things…