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  • Kid’s Attention Valued at $1.12 Trillion Annually

    My kids can tell me about all the latest Disney movies. And they can rattle off the specs of just about every toy that they want. Worse yet? They are armed with lines that tell me all about why buying that toy is good for them and the deal they will get if they buy […]

  • Stoney and Friends

    Stoney and Friends Originally uploaded by mclanea I woke up this morning to see Stoney, the family dog, laying on his blanket completely surrounded by the kids Webkinz.

  • 5 Best Online Communities for Kids

    If you don’t have young kids, than you probably have no idea that social networking has really taken off for kids. In fact, I’d call these social play sites. Our kids are completely addicted to them. They are safe, fun, and most of them teach values that any parent would like to encourage. Here are […]

  • Happy Birthday Paul

    Despite Paul’s preference to believe that he was never a baby, today is his 5th birthday. On August 8th, 2003 Kristen and I drove to Mount Clemens General for Paul’s scheduled birth. Since his sister was a big baby our doctor felt no need to make Kristen wait the typical 2 weeks after the due […]

  • Paul and the Internet

    I’m a web geek, my wife is a (hot) web geek, and my kids are web geeks. If you don’t have young kids I don’t think you really understand what I mean by “our kids are web geeks.” So here is a visual for you. Paul, who turns 5 next week, navigates the web very […]

  • Picture Post, July 4th 2008

  • Valentines Day

    Yep, it’s that day again. You know, the day of the year when men frantically run to Hallmark on their lunch hours to pick up that ultra-special card that expresses deep love in a shallow world. Here’s a rant I posted 3 years ago today about Valentines Day. Today is slightly more subdued. The kids […]

  • Money Management Lesson from Paul

    Paul, 4 years old, is learning about money management on WebKinz. Dad: What’s the secret to saving all that money? Paul: You just have to stop spending money. And then you’ll have a lot. Pretty good advice. What is your money management lesson?

  • Webkinz addicts

    Our kids got Webkinz for Christmas. If you don’t have kids you probably have no idea what this is. Let me explain. You purchase a Webkinz stuffed animal. They are roughly the same size as a beenie baby, maybe a tad bigger. On the tag is a Webkinz registration code. Basically, you register that stuffed […]