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Celebrating some vision victories

It’s good to reflect and celebrate vision victories.

Vision victories are your organizations aspirations you’ve put into action. And not just set into motion or tried but really done.

The Double Start-up

I was afraid of self-employment. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to handle the pressure, paperwork, and realities of being a part of 2 simultaneous start-ups. Make no bones about it… sometimes its completely crazy. But more  than a year into it, it’s working, it’s growing, and my vision premise is holding true. McLane Creative & The Youth Cartel are thriving… any look at the spreadsheet confirms it.

Bam. Vision victory.

Late last night I was working on some details for Open SeattleOpen Boston, and Open Paris. In the midst of that I realized… Wow, what a vision victory. At this time last fall Open was a nameless white paper. Actually, it was a PDF saved on my desktop called “YouthMinCamp-v4.pdf.” That’s really all it was. An idea, something I had a vision for, but had no plausible way of knowing if we could pull it off.

About a year ago I started talking to people, essentially shopping the idea around and seeking partnership to make it happen. And the first one really is happening on October 6th.

Bam. Vision victory. 

TYC Publishing

When I joined the Cartel with Marko one of the 4 things we said we wanted to do was publishing. We talked about publishing books and resources but, in truth, that was all vision for me and zero knowledge of how that works. (Obviously, Marko knows a thing or two about publishing!) We dipped our toes in the publishing waters over the past year with 2 titles but have really put a lot of steam into it this summer, going into the fall. For me, this has meant learning how to make a Word document (aka manuscript) into a book/iBook/Kindle book. We’re really close on our next release and have several more in the hopper. A year ago… the hopper was a dream, now its a total reality.

Bam. Vision victory. 

The Summit & MSMC

It’s crazy. These two events are so solid. The genesis of both of these came from Marko, I really didn’t do much more than build the website and send out some emails for the Campference in 2011. The Summit was an idea Marko had as a white paper similar to Open for a while that we decided to give a shot in 2012… we had no idea how much people would like the concept. But both of these have been much more “our babies” in 2012. From inviting speakers, finding locations, themes, marketing, etc… both of these were great visions that have taken mountains of execution to get to the point where they look to be pretty successful in 2012.

Bam. Vision victory. 

Family R&R

My last 2 years at YS and my first 6 months or so at the Cartel were at a mind-numbing pace. While I was having fun at that pace, my family wasn’t. So Kristen and I had a vision to rest better as a family. We protect Sunday as a family Sabbath. We go to the beach regularly, we go to ball games together, we took 3 camping trips in the past 12 months, on and on. It hasn’t been easy but the impact on our family is visible. We are closer, we have more “McLane-ness,” and we are on a sustainable pace.

Bam. Vision victory. 

It’s one thing to have vision. Vision is free. But vision is just a pipe dream without execution.


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