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Cyberbully Action Plan

Cyberbully Action Plan

Last week, a fellow volunteer in our high school ministry asked me for some advice about a student in her small group who is being bullied online. Specifically, the attacks are coming from anonymous accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and  My friend told me that the student had already talked to the school counselor about it, but the attacks hadn’t stopped and were now affecting her school work, sleep, etc.

I wanted to share the advice I gave as a starting point for other youth workers, educators, parents, and individuals faced with the same issue. (Obviously, I’ve edited this a little bit to make it general.)

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Blogging 201: Generating Content They'll Love

Blogging 201 is today at 11 AM PST

Reminder: Today at 11:00 AM Pacific time I’m hosting a free webinar entitled: Blogging 201:  Generating Content They’ll Love.

Here’s the description.

In this 45 minute webinar we’ll cover the following topics:
+ Topic generation
+ Establishing a writing routine
+ Writing for impact and engagement
+ Identifying your voice
+ Copyright and excerpting etiquette
+ Blog Post Titles, Featured Images, and Social Sharing
+ Basic search engines happy

This webinar is free open to anyone, so make sure to invite your friends.

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Blogging 201: Generating Content They'll Love

Blogging 201: Generating Content They’ll Love

March 6th at 11:00 AM Pacific

Building off of the success of Blogging 101, I’ve scheduled the next logical step… Blogging 201!

Blogging 101 was all about getting started, having an initial plan to make blogging a habit, getting your blog set-up, and stuff like that.

Blogging 201 is about writing, editing, and publishing the content that’ll actually go on your blog. (aka The hard part.)

What Blogging 201 Will Cover

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