Going All the Way: A review of Craig Groeschel’s Latest

Going All the WayI had the pleasure of reading Craig’s latest book. This one is about intimate relationships and it may be the best book on dating and marriage I’ve ever read. Check that, since it was actually good it was the second book I ever finished on dating and marriage.

Here’s an excerpt of my review for YMX.

This is how many books on marriage are marketed to the reader–the author takes the position as a expert guiding the reader through several easy steps to relational bliss. If the reader will merely submit to the author’s successful plan, the reader’s marriage and in turn, life will be much easier. To further the stereotype, the covers of these books often depict a happily married couple who look as though they’ve never had an argument as they look longingly in to one another’s eyes sporting smiles befitting a Cialis commercial. Fortunately, Craig Groeschel, in his book Going All the Way: Preparing for a Marriage that Goes the Distance, takes a refreshingly realistic angle on marriage. Craig’s style flies in the face of the typical, resulting in a page turning book on relationships. That’s right–a book on relationships actually worth reading! Read the rest…

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By Adam McLane

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