10 Signs Your an Internet Junkie

I think Kim has aimed this directly at her husband.

Even still, it is a good list.

10 signs you are an internet junkie.

1. You watch TV while cruising the internet.

2. Your keyboard has crumbs in it

3. You begin to talk in html language when describing a link to your best friend

4. You met your best friend online

5. You check your email more than you sit down for meals

6. You can’t go to bed until every Myspace, Facebook, email, website and forum of yours has been checked for new messages or comments.

7. You have more internet friends than friends.

8. Your couch has a permanent TV tray in front of it so you can rest your lap top.

9. You base your decision where eat out on whether or not they provide free WiFi

10. You post from the toilet

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By Adam McLane

Kristen and Adam live in Ahwahnee, California.


  1. You need to add another one that my dear wife left off and that would be people who complain that no one comments on their blog while others get comments.

    And, Adam, I know where you live.

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