Happy Birthday Kristen

Happy Birthday Kristen

Today is Kristen’s birthday. Make sure you head over to her blog to leave something fun for her. 

Kristen and I have now been going out for about 13 years. (Maybe we should get married?)  It’s crazy to think of all the fun things we’ve done. Doing life with your best friend just makes life so much more fun. 

To celebrate Kristen’s favorite thing in the world (traveling) here’s a list of the states we’ve traveled to together.

  • Michigan (at the cottage, the UP, Traverse City, and all over!)
  • Wisconsin (The Dells and all of our wandering around when we were bored without kids and gas was $.89)
  • Illinois (Garden of the Gods and pretty much every place in and around Chicago)
  • Indiana (South Bend, trip to Grandma’s, and many good times in Mishawaka)
  • Ohio (Honeymoon at Kelley’s Island; Cedar Point, some other family trips)
  • Pennsylvania (Dave and Becky’s wedding!)
  • New Jersey (The family… not “the family” but just the family)
  • New York (ok, the airport counts, right? We need to do NYC sometime) 
  • Florida (Ah, Ft. Lauderdale was killer. Lets go to the Keys sometime)
  • Nebraska (The interview trip from hell in Central City)
  • Iowa (Nothing like meeting people who spent the morning in the swine barn’s waste pit, eh? Pass the mashed potatoes.)
  • Missouri (We navigated Kansas City successfully)
  • California (From Ft. Bragg to our awesome times in Santa Cruz to some sweating in the Valley. Next up, SoCal explorations!)
  • Washington (San Juan Islands… we need to do that again.)
  • Nevada (The escape from Horroville via the drive across the moon. Tahoe and of course Vegas)
Then we’ve also traveled to Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, and Canada together. Where will the next 13 years of dating take us? Your dreams are our dreams. I’ll go to Hawaii if you’ll go to Helsinki.
Maybe one day we’ll get that Bed & Breakfast?





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