Favorite things: Front porches

I know this is a weird thing to have as a favorite thing. But I really love having a front porch. Here in Romeo we have the deluxe! It’s about 10×30 and full enclosed. At our new place in San Diego we also have a nice front porch with a nice porch swing. 

There is nothing quite as nice as enjoying the cool evening breeze on a porch. And I prefer a front porch over a back patio/deck any day. Call menew crib crazy but I rather enjoy the neighbors walking by and saying hello. In fact, as I was typing this post two families walked by and cheerfully said “hi.” And a large group of drunk high school students… but that was fun too. 

There is actually something nicer. I enjoy sitting on the front porch, doing my little internet thing, and enjoying the company of my wife. If you don’t have a front porch I highly suggest getting one right away. 

By Adam McLane

Kristen and Adam live in the San Diego neighborhood of Rolando with their three children.

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