Shifting Passions

If you listen to Dr. Phil you’d think a zebra couldn’t ever change his stripes. I’ve heard him say things like, “You can’t change a man’s heart.” Well, here’s news for Dr. Phil. God changes the hearts of men all the time.

Over the past couple of months Kristen and I have seen our hearts change a lot. We can feel our heart opening to a new community, different situations, and the passions of our new life. Concepts, events, and programs that kept me up just a few months ago no longer get me charged. (Notice people aren’t on that list, you can’t ditch me Romeo people.)

But here are things we see ourselves getting passionate about:

– Family time. Dude, don’t tread on my family time.

– Our community. Not all of San Diego, just our hood.

– The mission of YS. The more I get into this gig, the more I believe in its a needed thing.

It’s just odd how much passions can change so quick.

By Adam McLane

Kristen and Adam live in Ahwahnee, California.


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