San Diego State Aztecs taking the field

Some differences in the pre-game stuff worked out between game 1 & game 2. (Minor) The group of students who welcomed Monty the Aztec with his spear went over to the student section then made their way to the 50 yard line. Also, they changed the timing of when the alumni came out to stab the field.

It doesn’t show here because San Diego people arrive late. But the stadium ended up 2/3rds full. 45,000 people watched them light up Utah State 41-7. If it weren’t for a muffed punt in the 3rd quarter it would have been their second straight home shutout.

Highlights of the game:

  • Vincent Brown scored two touchdowns. His first was 65 yards after breaking some ankles with a move when he caught the ball. His second was pure speed, an 82 yarder where he caught the ball across the middle in stride and never looked back.
  • The defense stuffed Utah State. Clearly, the defense had tapes of the Oklahoma game and out-schemed the Aggies.
  • The crowd was buzzing in the first 20 minutes of the game. They ran the ball at will, scored at will, and had their way with Utah States swiss cheese defense. Dropping 21 points on them in the first quarter sealed the deal before 50% of the fans even came out of the parking lot.
  • The Aztecs have a lot of weapons on offense. A solid QB, three legit RBs, two standout WRs, and an emerging TE.
  • My 9 year old daughter was “kind of” into the game. Yesterday, she learned how you get a first down. And the Aztecs running all over the field made it fun to watch for her. In the third quarter she looked at me and said, “There’s no way the Aztecs can lose, we have 5 times the yards and we have way too many points for the amount of time left.

Non-game highlight of the week:

45,000+ plus people came to the stadium for the 35th annual Sky Show. The fireworks were great and all… but the highlight was the 75 fireball that finished it off… and the fact that it lit the field on fire while the crowd roared on!







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